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Words are powerful. In the bible, we learn that life and death lie in the power of the tongue. Words are seeds that grow and bear fruits. As Christians we must be careful what we say. We must try as much as possible to be positive speakers. God uses man to reach to his called ones. They speak to us and we change according to the words received.

Demons/familiar spirits also work via men often to get to us by just speaking evil into our lives. Some people only speak evil. If you meet such people reject, refuse, curse and bind whatever they say in Jesus name. If you keep quiet for people to speak negative words into life, you will not be happy.

An external family member of my spouse met me for the first time and said “Today, you will buy me Guinness” I said sorry but we are Christians, we do not do alcohol. She said “well that is in your house. I don’t live in your house with you’’. Me: We are Christians first wherever we are. The Holy Spirit is always with us no matter where we are. She said “If you don’t buy me I’ll take your husband from you. I’ll collapse your marriage”. She said it all jokingly and laughing but being the Christian I am, I immediately said Sorry, You cannot take him, he is already married to me and this marriage will not and cannot break in Jesus name’

Her next words were Eeiiy!!! So you are tough huh? I said yes God has given me strength. All I’m saying is, do not let people come calling your babies and toddlers my wife and husband. They are not, and should not be allowed to say such things. If you said that to my kids, I will say no they are not, they will marry who God chooses for them. We are both joking, right?

Do not allow people to carve your life for you. Shape your own life by having a relationship with God and speaking good things into your life and that of your family. A ‘trotro’ mate once told me ‘’Madam you are poor’’ and I rejected it his face and returned his words back to him. I will not be silent on this. He will not design my future for me.

Pray for your family and denounce, curse, bind reject every negative words spoken against them in Jesus name, especially your children. They are young and may not understand so it’s up to you the parent to pray for them.

Negative words are suicidal, reject them in Jesus name.

You are blessed!

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