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One day listening to teachings from the bible, I got a deeper understanding to who a spirit filled person or devout Christian is and how different they are from ordinary/normal people. I got deeper revelation into why some Christians including myself act in a certain way which may seem abnormal to the majority.

I learnt that when you start living by the word of God and not by the knowledge of man/science, your every move, behavior, thoughts and even your speeches change. In other words you cease being “normal”. You do not do/follow what almost everybody does.

This is very true because we see some examples from our Lord Jesus.
He walked on the sea
He fed 5000 people with five loaves and 2 fishes
He raised the death
He turned water into wine and many others.

Everything our God does is not ordinary. He does not fit into the “normal” way of doing things. Laying his life down to save mankind is the most “abnormal” thing ever, to me.The good news is, it’s okay to be “not normal”. You are fine to stand out. You have been created not to fit in/or be like everybody. If you are living according to the Holy Spirit, your life will not be “normal”. You will not see things the way everyone does. If blue works for all, it may not for you so you don’t follow the crowd.

It took me time to accept how “abnormal” I am. Glory be to God. By his grace and mercy I am equipped to carry on. If you find yourself thinking, feeling and knowing things in the not so normal way, my friend, you are ok. You may be having the anointing. What do you do to enhance your ability?

Get closer to God by praying often. Praise and worship anytime anywhere not minding who is or not there. Study the word of God all the time. Do evangelism; share the word to others everywhere and anywhere. Do not restrict yourself, Remove all barriers. Forget what people will say; family friends and enemies alike.
In this life whatever you do, people will talk so just concentrate on doing the right thing. Do not be afraid to be you.

The Bible makes us understand that when Jesus was arrested Pharaoh did not find any sin in him yet, he was crucified. The devil is smart; he’ll not let you have it easy. He fights you with the very people in your inner circle, not your enemies. Satan knows very well that no one entertains their enemies. He uses people like parents, siblings, friends and even Christian leaders.

If you are not discerning (with the help of the Holy Ghost), you’ll be tempted to follow what they say and ignore the voice of the spirit. Do not ignore that small voice. He is the Holy Spirit. Heed to his counsel no matter how abnormal it may seem. Accept you, be you, love God, love your neighbor and enjoy grace and mercy.

You are blessed!

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